Say Cheese! Photos You Hoped Would Never Surface From a Vacation

amuckdesign, flickr

How do you take your vacation pictures--with or without cheese? These globe trotters just couldn't resist hamming up le fromage factor.

Click the photos to reveal just how cheesy people can be.

"The picture is of my now wife, then girlfriend, at the Walker Art Museum sculpture garden in Minneapolis, MN. The cherry is part of Spoonbridge and Cherry, a Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen (his wife) sculpture. We were in the middle of a move from Maryland to California, which took us through Minneapolis for a friend's wedding. We took a bunch of different posed photos at the Walker. We'd known each other for about seven months when this photo was taken, and were engaged five months later." ~Christopher Angell
Photo Credit: Christopher Angell

"Silly moment, but fortunately no clients will ever see this (since the Internet is obviously private)." ~Doug Herbert

Photo Credit: mississippi_snopes, flickr

"Is this what most people think of when you mention Las Vegas? ~Angela M. Petitt

Photo Credit:

Ron Devries (and his friend Will) found some great hats at a general store in Valladolid in the Yucatán of Mexico. "We were travelling with friends (Ann and Dabney) on a ten day road trip across the Yucatan--which was an excellent and highly recommended."

Photo Credit: nebraskaboy, flickr

"On a recent family trip to Monterey we took this photo and used it in my daughter's 8th grade graduation slide show. The crowd howled when they saw my son in the background "using the ocean facilities". Anne Klein Barney

Photo Credit: Anne Klein Barney

" During a tuktuk tour around Bangkok this parking lot police guy was only too happy to oblige when I tossed my camera to Vladimir from Poland (who I'd just met) and asked him with gestures to pose with me. (I kind of look like a giant here but I'm really only 5'11".) ~Kevin Kato

Photo Credit:

"Wait, let me guess...say cheese?" ~Egyptian Camel

Photo Credit: Alia Papageorgiou

The Grimes family vacation required stop at Baskin Robbins

Photo Credit:

"I'm not in the picture, but I took it. The two boys in the picture are named: Matthew Trav and Taylor Trav. We were at the Soggy Dollar Bar in Jost Van Dyke in the BVIs and this was Christmas Day. There was a young couple who were drunk on love (and maybe a little rum) and were taking their love public on the beach. It was too easy to not reenact." ~ Natalie Woll

Photo Credit: Natalie Woll

"Taken in Siem Reap, Cambodia after a day with no sunscreen on the roof of a boat traveling up the Tonle Sap. Somehow my face survived under my baseball cap but my shoulders, chest, back got fried. After shaving my face except for the 'stache I had to capture the moment - on a film camera so I only had one chance." ~ Kevin Kato

Photo Credit:

"Here is a photo of my two daughters taken in Barcelona last summer, in front of the Park Guell. I still can not believe that I paid 2 euros to have this taken. My children know that when I say NO it is NO, but they would not let go of that one and keep asking to take a picture with the salamander (like it was a real one).To this day, they are still very thankful that I agreed to be ripped off." Lydie Thomas

Photo Credit:

"Not so smooth camel dismount in Cairo Egypt!" ~Betty Thesky

Photo Credit:
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