Learn a Language, Earn a Passport to Savings -- Savings Experiment

How to Learn a Foreign Language For Less
How to Learn a Foreign Language For Less

If you've ever spent any time in an airport's international terminal, then you've probably guessed that an abundance of languages exist. But just how many? According to the Linguistic Society of America, the Bible has been translated into 2,200 languages. But many, many more languages are out there: at least 6,909, according to the non-profit organization Ethnologue. Can you say "Tower of Babble"?

Now let's assume you don't want to go through life speaking just one language (and sorry, like, Valley Girl speak doesn't count, ya know). The good news is that options abound for you to learn another tongue.

But how does one translate words such as "cheap," "effective" and "comprehensive" into the most universal dialect of all: savings made simple? Listen up -- or, to quote your high school French teacher, "ecoutez-moi" -- and we'll reveal all in today's Savings Experiment.