Mafia Wars offers charitable players a WWII M4 Sherman Tank bonus

Mafia Wars Memorial Day WWII M4 Sherman Tank
The clock is ticking on the Memorial Day Sale in Mafia Wars, where players have less than 13 hours to purchase five new Limited Edition Memorial Day items. Zynga has pledged that 50% of the sales of these items will go to benefit US troops and their families sheltered by the Fisher House Foundation.

Buying one of the five Limited Edition items will earn players a Gold Treasure Chest Key that they can use to unlock Gold Treasure Chests. Buy all five and you can get a free crate item. Buying two sets, for a total of ten, will earn you the prized WWII M4 Sherman Tank, which has an impressive attack stat of 80, and a defense of 41.
Mafia Wars Fisher House B52
Currently, Rewards Points are being sold at 40% discount. For example, a package of 170 RP, normally $40 USD, is now $24. And a package of 215 RP, now costs $30 USD instead of $50. If you're at 0 RP, those two deals are the ones you'll need for purchasing the Memorial Day charity set. And if you've got RP saved up from the game for free, now's the time to use them, as those purchases will also count towards the charity.
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