Lottery winner blows $14 million prize in only 8 years

In 2002, Michael Carroll won an equivalent of $14.3 million in the British lottery, allowing him to walk away from his job as a trash collector. Now he's training to return to that job, flat broke.

According to the U.K.'s Daily Mail, Carroll squandered his fortune in the time-honored way, on drugs, gaming, extravagant purchases and buying the attentions of prostitutes. He claims, in fact, to have dallied with 2,000 hookers, making up in stamina what he lacks in business acumen.

His behavior, including a $2,000 a day crack habit, drove away his wife and baby daughter. To entertain himself in their absence, Carroll lived fast, visiting the dog track, throwing outrageous parties, and occasionally taking pot shots at passing cars with ball bearings.