In a Job Search? Join the Club

Many people I meet try to do everything on their own during a job search. Some feel that asking for help makes them appear weak, vulnerable, or even inept. But no one should go it alone in a job search; in fact, reaching out to people who are having the same experience as you can be healing and productive at the same time.

Job search clubs are gaining traction across the nation; they can be a great way to take positive steps toward your next job each day. Here are just some of the ways membership in a job search club can help.

Share leads.

Because of the diversity of job search groups, members tend to represent different industries, job functions, and professional levels. Since many group members are not competing against each other for the same jobs, they are often willing to share information that may not help them in their search but could benefit others.

Garner support.

Job search can be lonely and stressful. By joining a job search club you can draw strength from others, find mentors, be a sounding board, and find life-long friends. You will also learn a lot about the search process from your fellow club members. These clubs provide an excellent forum for comparing résumé, swapping interview tips, and learning how to create a more strategic job search strategy.

Save money.

While many would benefit from working with a private career counselor or coach during a job search, this may be out of many people's reach financially. Job search clubs can offer a free or less expensive alternative to one-on-one coaching.

Build your network.

Job clubs are based on the affinity that everyone in the group is searching for work. But each member of the group is connected to many people through their other relationships and affinity groups. Once you make a connection with others through a job search group, they may be willing to open up their network to you and help you find more leads.

Local and state employment offices, the chamber of commerce, schools and universities, and listings in local newspapers may all be sources for finding out more about job search clubs in your community. Also check out The Riley Guide for a comprehensive list of networking and support groups.

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