Happy Pets: NEW! Color Lenses for pets

Happy Pets Color Lenses
Calling Happy Pets new Color Lenses "contact lenses" can be misleading. Just like the Color Dyes, using these items to change the colors of your pets make the colors permanent. The new color also becomes a trait that can be bred into new pets. Each pair of lenses costs 13 Facebook Credits, or a little over $1 USD. Colors currently available are: Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, and Yellow . And since there's no storage option, once you buy this, you have to use it on a pet right away. So decide on a pet carefully.
Compare Happy Pets Purple Contact Lenses
Not content to simply give you the ability to affect a pet's eye color, the colors of these lenses have actually been intensified and are different from the normal color offerings. For example, you can easily tell the difference in the shade of purple eyes between the two cats shown above. The cat on the left is the one wearing the new Purple Color Lens.
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