Father's Day 2010: 30 great tech gift ideas

This year, forget the ties and the socks for Father's Day gifts. If your dad loves technology, then we have the ultimate Father's day wish list. Whether your dad is a an app addict, shutterbug, needs to spruce up the home office, or already has all the gadgets in the world, there's something on this list for him.
Father's Day 2010: 30 great tech gift ideas

For the dad with all the gadgets:
If your father already has all the gadgets a man could want, then why not get him something to protect them? Not only will it keep his gadgets pristine, but these cases and sleeves will make it easier for him sell his gadgets for a higher value when the next big thing comes out.
  • Speck -- Speck has a wide collection of cases and bags for iPhones and iPads for $30-$50. Speck also has some of the coolest laptop bags around for $40-$90.
  • OtterBox -- OtterBox cases are best known for bringing ultimate protection to devices. Its Defender series encloses Dad's gadgets to prevent damage and start at $49.95.
  • IVAR Pack -- The IVAR pack sets itself apart from other backpacks with a unique shelving system to distribute the weight and keep Dad comfortable. Starting at $85.
  • Gelaskins -- Add some personality to Dad's gadgets with a Gelaskin that won't add bulk to his iPad, smartphone, Kindle or notebook. Starting at $14.95.
  • Hard Candy Cases -- Hard Candy offers a wide selection of iPad, netbook and notebook cases from $39.95. The iPad Kickstand case won't be available until close to Father's Day, but it looks like a must have for dads who will type more than a few sentences on their iPads.
Father's Day 2010: 30 great tech gift ideas
The App-addict dad:
What better gift for a dad with an app addiction than another app?
  • RunKeeper -- The perfect app for a fitness-obsessed father. RunKeeper will help your father keep track of his workouts on the Android and the iPhone. There's a free version of each available so the present can be installing the app for him! If he likes to cycle, check out the $5 CycleMeter from Abvio.
  • GolfLink and Swing by Swing -- Instead of buying a dedicated golf GPS gadget the $15 app from GolfLink will track the score for up to four players and calculate yardage to the hole. There's also a free GolfLink Lite coming to app stores soon. If Dad doesn't need to track score or link to an online account the Free Golf GPS Range Finder app from Swing by Swing will provide golf course range distance for free on the iPhone and Blackberry.
  • PixyMe Digital Card -- Don't want to waste money on a $5 musical card? Create your own on the iPhone or iPod Touch with PixyMe for $1.99 and send it right to his phone. For an extra $1.99 you can have your personalized image printed and sent as a first class postcard anywhere in the world.
Father's Day 2010: 30 great tech gift ideas

The Traveler dad:
A collection of gadgets and accessories that will help Dad arrive on time, whisk through airport security and charge his gadgets no matter where he ends up.
  • ScotteVest -- The ScotteVest travel vest is a must have for any father who needs to go through airport security or carry several gadgets with him. The ScotteVest line of clothing includes numerous pockets, 22 on the $100 Travel Vest, including one which will fit the iPad.
  • Insignia Internet Connected GPS -- This internet connected GPS offers the convenience of local Google search and delivers real time traffic information which can reduce driving time by up to 17% compared to GPS units without. The $199 GPS unit comes with three months of traffic and weather alerts and even connects to Twitter.
  • Freeloader Solar -- The $59.99 Freeloader Solar will let your father charge his gadgets without hunting down an outlet. The charger includes numerous tips to charge many popular smartphones, portable game devices and more.
  • Clingo -- Give Dad a Clingo car mount and no matter what type of device he needs stuck on the windshield, this $19.99 mount will keep it in place. If the Clingo surface loses its grip, just wash with soap and water and it's good as new.
  • Garminfone - If Dad is looking for a new phone and he wants the benefit of a Garmin-powered GPS, then the Garminfone from T-Mobile is a good fit. This $199 phone is powered by Google Android and requires a 2-year contract.
  • Broadband2Go -- If Dad doesn't travel enough to justify an expensive monthly data plan to connect his laptop to the Internet, but does need to get online form time to time, the pay as you go BroadBand2Go from Virgin Mobile ($99) is a great choice. This adapter can be activated for as little as $10 per use.
Father's Day 2010: 30 great tech gift ideas

Shutterbug Dad:
These gift ideas are great for the dad who loves taking photos. With these great deals he can have unlimited storage, print his pictures out on canvas and take better pictures.
  • LightScoop -- This $30 DSLR accessory slips over the flash on your camera and bounces it off the ceiling for better photos. Possibly the coolest $30 DSLR accessory I have seen!
  • EyeFi WiFi enabled SD card -- This SD card isn't just a place to keep photos, it can automatically upload to numerous sharing sites and with Endless Memory mode you'll never run out of storage around WiFi. Starts at $49.99.
  • Free Photo Mousepad from Rite Aid, just watch a two-minute video. You can also enter the My Way Photo Contest for bigger prizes.
  • PhotoMosiac from Pixable -- For $14.95 you can gather all of Dad's favorite photos and make a mosaic of a family portrait or favorite vacation spot.
  • Canvas Picture from CanvasPop -- Turn Dad's favorite photo into a canvas print starting at $34.95. CanvasPop can even work with low res images to create a memorable print.
  • Flickr subscription -- For the perfect place to share photos pick up Dad a Flickr subscription which can be connected to his Eye-Fi card for instant sharing. $24.95 for one year.
Father's Day 2010: 30 great tech gift ideas

Father with a home office:

These gifts are perfect for Dad's home office. Even if it is a corner in the den, these gadgets and tools will make his home office time more productive and enjoyable.
  • USB Docking Station -- If your dad has a laptop that gets used at his desk and on the go, simplify the connections with a USB Dock. The $99 HP USB Dock provides USB ports, ethernet, audio and a monitor connection for $99 or the Diamond HD USB Display adapter for $65 which gives a monitor connection and 3 USB ports.
  • SocketSense -- Plugging in the various power adapters that a technology-loving Dad needs is a difficult task, but the SocketSense surge strip makes it easy to plug in bulky power adapters for $24.
  • Dragon NaturallySpeaking -- Dragon Naturally speaking is an amazing tool for dads who don't like typing, or just wish the computer would listen when he tells it to do something. The $99 software package will allow your father to turn his voice into text for e-mails, word documents and more. He can even surf the Web by talking.
  • Microsoft Bluetooth keyboard 6000 -- On the other hand, if your father loves to bang out an e-mail on the keyboard, the Bluetooth keyboard 6000 from Microsoft is one of the best. With the Comfort Curve design and detachable number pad, what's not to love at $90. It can even connect to an iPad.
  • Mozy Online Backup -- With more and more important information being stored on his computer, your dad can't afford not to back up his computer. Mozy is $54.99 for a yearlong subscription and works on Windows and Mac.
If you didn't see the perfect Father's Day gift in one of the categories above, then perhaps a $16 a month Gamefly subscription would be a good buy for the father who likes to game with his family. There's also a $40 year-long subscription to Archives.com which will help your dad trace the family line and uncover other genealogical information about your family.

Fathers, don't forget, you can send this list to your wife and children by clicking the "Email this" button below to make sure you get what you want on Father's Day.
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