FarmVille VP of Product Development Mark Skaggs on Time-Based Gameplay


Mark Skaggs, the Vice President of Product Development for Zynga speaks about the time-based gameplay of FarmVille.

He says that "In the world of farming you know that crops will take time to grow" so they made various timed crops while keeping lifestyle and farming preferences in mind. In other words, some farmers like to farm as soon as they wake up and plant their crops, knowing that they will harvest after work, others prefer one day or more crops because that is all the time that they can devote to farming. Having different time frames for each crops, allows farmers to choose which crops work best for them.

When deciding on "the wither mechanic" FarmVille developers found that when plants actually wither and turn brown it is disappointing but not as bad as animals "dying" like in FishVille, which is why FarmVille animals do not die, they just "run away" like FarmVille Dogs.

Which timed crops do you like to plant the most? Which crops work best for your farming lifestyle?

This article originally appeared onFarmVille Freak.

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