FarmVille: Fan builds a custom theme for his BlackBerry Storm 2

FarmVille Freak StaticFX shared with us his very own original custom created theme for his BlackBerry Storm2. Creating your own FarmVille theme for your phone because there isn't one definitely qualifies you for being a FarmVille Freak! Thanks for sharing with us FVFreak StaticFV. Below is a screen shot picture straight from his phone.

FVFreak StaticX says of his creation:
Ok, yeah I'm a Farmville Freak to the point I created a custom theme for my BlackBerry Storm2.

This is a direct screen shot from my BlackBerry.

* Bottom dock scrolls left or right (holds 12 icons).
* A pop up window appears when you click the full screen button. Holds 3 icons for the hidden today items!
* Fuel is the battery meter.
* Level is the Signal Meter.

Yeah, I'm a freak! LOL

- FarmVille Freak StaticFX
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