FarmVille: 2 Free Farm Cash Offer from California's Dairy Board

UPDATE: It seems this offer is showing only for select farmers, or has been pulled at the time being. Keep your eyes open for it at the bottom of your farms.
FarmVille Sponsered Link: 2 Free Farm Cash Diary Families
Thanks to FarmVille Freak Nugget for the heads up on this offer. Remember, you saw it FIRST here on FarmVille Freak, be sure and share with your friends.If you click below your farm, on the sponsored ad, you'll receive 2 free Farm Cash for sharing what your favorite family activity is.
FarmVille Dairy Families Notice
This offer is sponsored by California's Dairy Board. Thanks for the Farm Cash, just like California Cows, our FarmVille Cows are happy cows!

This article originally appeared onFarmVille Freak.
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