YoVille: New Luxury Starter Furnishings!

Luxury Starter Apartment Furnishings are now offered to new YoVille players. The Living Room includes the Luxury White Couch (YoCash), Luxury White Arm Chair, Condo Cityscape Windows (YoCash), Luxury Wall Sconces, Luxury White Coffee Table (YoCash), Luxury Stone Pillars, Luxury BW Hope Photo (YoCash), Luxury Black Doors, and a white area rug.


In the Bedroom there is a Luxury White Bed (YoCash), Luxury White Tall Dressers, Luxury White Wide Dresser (YoCash), Luxury White Arm Chair, Gold Coffee Table (YoCash), and a brown area rug.

The Kitchen includes, 4 Luxury White Dining Chairs (YoCash), Luxury White Counter (YoCash), 2 Luxury White Kitchen Island (YoCash), Luxury White Kitchen Stove (YoCash), Luxury White Dining Table, Luxury White Kitchen Sink, Condo Cityscape Windows (YoCash), and Condo Screens.

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