I Interviewed at UPS

I met with an HR rep from UPS at our local sorting warehouse the day of my interview. The office staff and warehouse workers were all incredibly friendly and welcoming.

I was given a tour of the facility and offered refreshments. When the time came to do the actual interview, I was surprised at how laid back and relaxed the environment was, and the questions went along with that theme.

I was asked questions like: "What do you do for fun?" "Where do you like to visit on vacation?" and "Who are your favorite sports teams?"

I guessed that this was a way of getting the potential employees relaxed and motivated before the employment questioning began.

When we got down to business, I was asked questions like: "Do you have reliable transportation?" "Would you be willing to be called in to work on your days off?" and "Are you comfortable lifting packages that can weigh over 85 pounds?"

The final question was, "Why do you want to be a package handler?" I replied: "Why not? Sorting packages is just as important as receiving them; without one there cannot be the other."

The best tips I can give anyone applying to work for UPS is to not let your nerves get the better of you; dress business casual; and be honest with your answers. UPS is a great place to work -- the interview is the hardest part!

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