Joan Rivers on retirement: Oh, pleeease!

Joan Rivers dishes on her financesJoan Rivers, the 77-year-old comic and former talk show host, has the secret to laughing all the way to the bank. "Save your money when you're young so when you're old you don't have to worry," Rivers told WalletPop in an interview to promote the new documentary,"Joan Rivers: Piece of Work." "Nobody thinks they're old. I was always saying, like at 60, from now on I'm going to be very careful because I'm going to retire at 70, so I'll just have two more good years. Then at 70 I knew I should be careful because when I hit 80 I'm going to have to start saving my money."

And after that? "I know I'll be saying to the mirror, 'Easy on the Depends. Can't we just rewash them?' "

If Ricki Stern and Annie Sundberg's new film is any indication, I'm not sure if Rivers followed her words of wisdom. Piece of Work, in theaters June 11 to begin a national rollout, shows Rivers still working at a frenetic pace to support a lavish lifestyle. Energized and exhausted by standup, a victorious stint on "Celebrity Apprentice," a play that toured London, and hawking jewelry on QVC, River tells the camera, "I'm dancing as fast as I can."

In two enterprises not addressed by the film, she is also hosting her second season of TV Land's"How'd You Get So Rich?" and is slated to appear on a new reality show on We called "Mother Knows Best." "I don't want to have lunch and take cooking classes with my girlfriends," she said in the interview.

The lady doesn't skimp. In "Piece of Work" she declares her ornate Manhattan apartment is what Marie Antoinette's palace would look like -- if the French queen had money.

The documentary offers other peeks at her personal finances. She sits down to write a steady stream of checks for family members, saying she supports many of them. A cruise line offers her $125,000 just to be onboard, but Rivers offers to do her routine to up the ante. Her drive to keep doing shtick takes her for the first time to Wisconsin, where she is heckled.

We never got around to discussing the cost of her many cosmetic surgeries, but she told the filmmakers that they were worth it to make her feel better. As for future income generators, Rivers, who once left Johnny Carson and her permanent guest host spot on "The Tonight Show" to launch her own talk show, said she'd like to return to interviewing in some way.

In the meantime, she'll try to heed her own advice. "Push forward, stop whining, and get on with it."

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