Home TV Week in Review

Did you catch any of the numerous home-improvement shows that graced our living rooms last week? Here's a quick summary: Things were built, kitchens were remodeled, people were made happy.

For a bit more detail, this week we bring you updates on recent episodes of "Tough as Nails" (pictured left), "Home Rules," "Designed to Sell," "Holmes on Homes," and more.

Here's what you missed ...

"Tough as Nails" (HGTV Wednesdays 11:30p/10:30c )
Don't take Cindy Stumpo for granted. While her luxury home building crew is going all out on the E Street house., she is also in the midst of completing a granite driveway for a home she built with exotic woods and other unique materials. When she decides to take a girls' day for herself and her daughter, she has to put her ex-husband in charge of the job sites. Let's keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best!

"Home Rules"(HGTV Tuesdays 9/8c)
Life coach Fran Harris is always one who saves the day. This time she tries to sort out a couple who need to focus on their relationship and kids, and less on money. The daily grind is getting to them and helping to make a mess of their home as well as their mental states. Fran Harris once again saves the day.

"Holmes on Homes"(HGTV Sundays 9/8c)
Mike Holmes tackles a modern day snake-oil salesman in the form of a building contractor. His slick computer-assisted sales pitch and impressive building portfolio are unmasked by his sloppy workmanship and incompetent engineering. More problems. The contractor is exposed for who he is when a couple's newly installed ceiling collapses. The homeowners place a distress call to Mike Holmes. Save them, Holmes!

"Designed to Sell"(HGTV Weeknights 6/5c)
A family has a problem: They have one mortgage too many. Yikes. Not a good thing in this crazy housing market. The Virginia family has already bought a bigger home so they must sell their first house quickly. That's where the "Designed to Sell" team steps in.

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