Wild Ones Snacks offer longer lasting perks

wild ones snacks
Wild Ones has extended the amount of time that snack effects last. As pictured above, Apples, Coconuts, Watermelons and Super Salads all last nine turns as opposed to the usual three turns. The best part is, all the snacks cost the same amount as they originally did despite the significant increase in damage dealing power.

The update comes alongside the release of over forty new Wild Ones weapons. As discussed in the article, those who are willing to buy weapons get a huge advantage. Perhaps the extended effects of Wild Ones snacks were intended to help balance out the new arsenal of powerful cash-bought weapons.

Head to Wild Ones yourself to start placing delivery orders for the new snacks. Remember each takes a specific amount of time to arrive, and if you don't pick it up in time, it will rot. Don't look over these powerups, they're relatively cheap, can be bought for coins, offer a hefty damage boost and last nine long turns. To combat the new weapons on the battlefield, you're going to need a few of these healthy snacks.

Click here to play Wild Ones.
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