Toxic Apartment Making You Sick? Call an Expert

spring cleaning detoxify
spring cleaning detoxify

There's cleaning and there's home detoxifying. If your body needs a good cleansing and detox every once in a while, why wouldn't your home?

We recently examined some ways to spring clean your home with particular attention to overlooked germ spots, but detoxifying the home takes it to a whole new level. If you think this cleaning regimen should be left to homeowners, you are wrong -- your pre-war New York apartment, turn-of-the-century Chicago townhouse or 1930s California beachside bungalow can all be detoxified and provide you with a safer home environment.

With the increase in environmentally-based ailments, people are looking for ways to clean their surroundings. That's where Matt Waletzke and Healthy Dwellings come in.