San Francisco Rental: Russian Hill Room in a 3BR for $1,000

Russian Hill is a great area of San Francisco. If you hoof it, you can easily walk to Fisherman's Wharf and North Beach neighborhoods.

Also nearby is the great Polk Street neighborhood, which has really been up-and-coming over the past few years, with great bars (check out Hemlock Tavern) and a diverse array of restaurants, cafes and shops. Plus you can walk to Chinatown for a $1 wooden back scratcher and a dim sum lunch.

All this is at the footsteps of this Russian Hill apartment. What's the lowdown? It's a room for rent in a three-bedroom apartment and it's available as early as June 15th.

Here's the full skinny ...

So what do you get for a $1,000 room rental?

The pad is a pretty nicely furnished apartment, with a separate living room and eating area, plus a large kitchen (great if you like to cook). It comes complete with a washer and dryer, too, so no more trips to the laundromat. There's also rooftop access with a cool view of the Golden Gate Bridge. In San Francisco, a good roof often takes the place of having a backyard.

So how does $1,000 compare to other rooms for rent in Russian Hill? The price seems to range from $680-$1,275. So this is pretty average.

Just keep in mind that there is no parking to be had in Russian Hill (unless you want to spend hours every day circling the block). Good thing public transport is close by, including a cable car just down the street.

But the big question here is: How are the roommates?

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