Game of the Day: Daily Jumble

Daily Jumble - Game of the day
Daily Jumble - Game of the day

The hits keep on coming with the Game of the Day. Today's game was brought to you by the letters F, M and the number 1. Why? F for FarmVille and M for Mafia Wars and number one? Well, The Blog is aiming for number one.

Today's game of the day is Daily Jumble. You know it. You've played it. You love it! Daily Jumble is now online with new puzzles six days a week. Unscramble a list of words to reveal the letters in the bonus word. Unscramble the bonus word to reveal the answer to the question posed in the cartoon.

Important side note: Just by playing The Game of the Day you will be entered into a monthly drawing to win a FlipCam HD. You don't need to do anything else, just play! The more you play, the more chances you have to win. For more information on the Game of Day check out the official New Game of the Day hub.

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