Fees, fees, fees: 10 annoying charges consumers face

hidden fees are gonna getcha
hidden fees are gonna getcha

Whether you're traveling, banking, renting a car or buying a concert ticket, you're going to be subject to a host of fees, some hidden and some blatantly obvious. It's one way companies have to collect more money from you on top of the price for the actual service.

Here are 10 particularly annoying fees, some of which you can't avoid:

Airline Preferred Seat Selection Fee
Airplanes are designed to cram passengers into undersized seats like sardines in order to maximize profits. Savvy (and tall) travelers have long opted for emergency row seats for some precious extra legroom, while others like to be near (or far) from the bathroom. And while the ability to choose a window or aisle seat has traditionally been a standard courtesy while purchasing a ticket, some carriers are now charging for this non-service. According to Expedia, the worst offenders are United Airlines ($14 to $109 for domestic flights, and $89 to $109 for international flights) and Virgin America ($15 to $50), while others, like American and Delta, still let you choose your seat for free, both domestically and internationally. At this rate, pay toilets are probably inevitable. Don't laugh, it's already been proposed by Ireland's Ryanair.