Apartment Hunting Essentials: 6 Online Tools

This may come as a shock, but when you are apartment hunting ads on the Internet might occasionally be a little misleading. Go figure. I am just amazed that someone would lie about what they really have to offer in a Craigslist ad. (So amazed, in fact, that I even write a regular feature for RentedSpaces on creepy, misleading Craigslist ads that are pure Rental Roommate Nightmares.)

So how do prospective renters/home shoppers combat misleading ads? There are numerous online sites that can be an apartment-hunters best buddies. Misleading Craigslist ads and shady landlords can't hide from the Internet. Much like you can do a background check on a person, you can new do background checks on a residence. Why not check out if a place truly is in a "quiet neighborhood," "safe," or "close to transportation."