Couples Fight Over Who Weams (Waste More Energy and Money)

couples fight over who is the weamerScotland is said to have the most -- but, that's probably because no one has studied the impact weamers have on relationships in the U.S. Get used to the term "weamer" (Wasters of Energy and Money) because more energy-conscious couples are said to be fighting over who, exactly, is the weamer.

What's a weamer? Ebico, the U.K.'s only not-for-profit energy company, defines a "weamer" as someone who wastes energy and money. They just released a study that claims over 60% of British households argue over wasting energy, and therefore money, in the home.

Don't think American couples are immune, either. Haven't you been annoyed that your love is leaving lights or appliances on? Or that the heat or air conditioning is cranked up to the extreme? These are the little arguments that can wear a couple down.

In the U.K. the majority of respondents (78%) declared that their home was occupied by at least one energy-waster. Of course, 23% of these folks pointed at their mates as the culprit. Just 15% had the cajones to admit that, yes, they are the weamer in the couple.

There is a solution to your weamer-driven fights -- become more energy efficient.

As Phil Levermore, Ebico's Managing Director reminds us, "Turning the thermostat down by one degree can save you 10% on your annual energy bill."

Note to all you weamers out there (you know who you are!): If you'd like to get back in the good graces of your significant other, may we suggest a few projects that might work better than flowers? How about doing your own energy audit, switching out lightbulbs, starting a micro-garden, making an apartment-size compost bin or bucking "The Man" and setting up a clothesline?

Romantic, huh? These actions say "I love you, and the planet -- but mostly you." If you're feeling racy after the next weamer-driven, energy-argument-and-makeup, introduce TED into your bedroom while you're at it, too.

Bottom line, those of you seeking co-habitating bliss? Don't be a weamer.
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