Instant Guest Room: How to Accommodate a Visitor -- Fast

guest room, guest bedroom, guest bedsIs a luxurious guest room out of reach for you right now? Do you hesitate having overnight guests because you live in a one-bedroom apartment? You no longer have to depend on uncomfortable sofa beds as your only option. After all, who among us has ever had a good night's sleep with those bars and springs digging into our spine? Now with the technological advances in air mattresses, your guests can float off into sleep dreaming of their wonderful host.

Here are the few essentials you need to create an instant guest room:

storage ottomanStorage ottoman. Designer Thom Felicia suggests, in a Dallas Morning News article, creating a guest room around the multi-functionality of a storage ottoman. I couldn't agree more. I found this one on Fill it with: a set of sheets (the higher the thread count you can afford, the more your guests will love you); a blanket (the fuzzy fleece ones are so cozy); and some down pillows. Felicia points out that down pillows would be more more resilient to the repeated crushing required to fit inside the ottoman. He also smartly suggests decanters/glasses of water, but I think your guests might also appreciate a flashlight to aid in maneuvering, should nature call in the middle of the night.

air mattress, inflatable bed, guest room, guest bedsAir mattress. My choice is the new raised-height, self-inflating model that easily stows in the back of a closet. This pictured air mattress is from Sears, but it can be found at most retailers that carry bedding.These are especially good if you are inviting your parents (gasp) over for a visit since they will have an easier time getting on and off the mattress. If you are tight on cash, or don't have the spare space in your closet, you can surely spring for the standard ones available at your big-box stores. The plus side for the smaller air mattress is that it can be stored in the ottoman along with everything else.

When bedtime arrives, simply inflate the bed, add the sheets, blanket, and pillows and your guest room is ready. If you notice on the ottoman pictured above, the top flips over to a hard surface. This makes for a perfect nightstand, sure to be appreciated by guests. Once you bid your guests goodbye, the ottoman can serve double duty as either a coffee table in the living room or a bench at the foot of your bed.
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