Nationwide Search for the Worst Workspace

Is your office workspace crowded, messy, awkward, uncomfortable, or even dangerous? Here's your chance to complain about it and possibly snag your 15 minutes of fame as well as some new office furniture. has teamed up with interior designers and the host of HGTV's "Destination Design," Taniya Nayak in a nationwide "Search for the Worst Workspace" contest, featuring more than $15,000 in prizes.

According to CSN Stores, "With the average human spending 33.3 percent of their lifetime at work, an old, disorganized or out-of-style workspace can upset more than just a person's productivity. It can also affect one's mood, morale and general outlook. That's why is looking to rescue woeful workspaces across the country, from homely home offices to cluttered, crummy cubicles to disgusting dorm rooms."

The contest runs until August 15, 2010 and you can follow this link to enter the Worst Workspace Contest.

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