Social City's Limited Edition real estate: Stadium, McMansion, and Jewelry Store

Social City Football Stadium, Mauve McMansion, and Jewelry Store
Three new premium-priced Social City buildings are now up for City Bucks while supplies last -- two leisure buildings and one residential. These are Football Stadium (69 CB), Mauve McMansion (30 CB), and Jewelry Store (24 CB).

Football Stadium is the priciest and largest attraction, taking up a 3x3 square grid. It earns 10,000 Coins every 2 days and grants an amazing 60,000+ Happiness Points. The MegaCorp Tower, a non-premium attraction that unlocks at level 32, only puts out 40,000+ tops. But for what's essentially the price of $7 USD, the stats on the Stadium do need to be high.

Mauve McMansion brings in 500 Population Points, which the A-Frame House 1 is also capable of, but at four times the size. Clearly, getting the McMansion is all a matter of looks. The A-Frame goes for just 20,000 Coins.

Jewelry Store is another case of looks over functionality. It earns a meager 200 Coins every 2 days, a construction XP of 230, and Happiness Points at +7,000. For a store of its ilk, one would expect a little more profit. But for a store of its price, you are getting what you've paid for.
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