San Francisco Rental: Large Room in Panhandle Victorian for $820

I really like this neighborhood. The Panhandle is the geographic center of San Francisco. It's named for the park that forms a panhandle to Golden Gate Park -- three quarters of a mile long and one block wide, with the Haight-Ashbury District to the south.

And that's where this huge room for rent is. It's in a Victorian house near the cross streets of Hayes and Lyon. The place is two stories, with three bedrooms on the top floor and two on the bottom. If you gel with the current occupants this could be one swell find.
So what do you get for $820 a month?

The large room is on the top floor of the Victorian house and faces front. It has a tilted ceiling as well as a hidden lounge room through the closet. Interesting. The house has two full bathrooms on each level, plus a modern kitchen with granite counters and stainless-steel appliances -- including a dishwasher and washer/dryer. Chill-out time can be had on the private deck and shared garden/patio. Go green, as solar panels on the roof help cover part of the electric bill.

So how does $800 compare to other rooms available in the Panhandle?

It's pretty average. Rooms can range from $600 to $1,200 in this area. One thing to consider is that you'd be sharing the space with five other roommates. If one of them kind of drives you nuts then it could be a hellish experience. But maybe they are all really cool; who knows?

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