Nightclub City now allows you to expand your club in VIP style


We haven't talked too much about Nightclub CIty lately, but it's been going on strong and now has just under one million players. Tonight they have released a feature that allows players to expand their nightclubs and have a much larger space to get their dance and drink on.

All players start out with the ability to expand their nightclub to 12x10 for 2 Facebook Credits. Beyond that, there are new larger sized expansions that unlock just about every single level. The largest size expansion is 24x24 currently, which is fairly large. There are also VIP expansions, but at this point we're not sure exactly what that means. Considering the lowest level expansions (which are all that are available to us) cost Facebook Credits, one would presume that all expansions will cost Facebook Credits. This is an interesting decision, because many games allow you to circumvent paid currency requirements by allowing you to buy for coins as long as you have a minimum number of neighbors. This option is curiously missing from the Nightclub City club expansion.

Are you satisfied with the prices of nightclub expansion in Nightclub City?