Free Straw Beach Tote for being a Big City Life fan


Playdom's title, Big City Life, is currently offering a free Straw Beach Tote for any fans who click on this link. Before clicking, make sure that you have become a fan of Big City Life on the game's official application page. After that, you will log in to the game and be given the option to claim your Straw Beach Tote. Once you have claimed the tote, you can view it by going to the "Profile" link. This tote is considered "Gear" and has the following statistics to help you out:

Straw Beach Tote
2 Charm
12 Smarts
4 FItness

Each player can only claim one of these Beach Totes, and they are only available through this limited time promotion. It is unknown how long this link will work to claim the free prize, but generally these links will expire after a few days. Having this tote will improve your statistics in the game, especially your Smarts. It's not often that we're given free times in Big City Life, so this is a nice change of pace. We appreciate new and fun free stuff, what about you?

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