FarmVille message center down; changes coming soon

Zynga message center undergoing improvements
Zynga message center undergoing improvements

Log into Farmville this morning, and you'll notice that clicking on the little envelope in the upper right hand corner of the game will no longer pop a window where you can accept gifts with ease. Instead, it will take you back to Facebook to accept gifts.

Don't worry, this isn't a step backwards -- FarmVille has yanked the Message Center and is tinkering around with it, making "improvements." We're not sure if that means the new way we accept gifts will be undergoing some big changes when it comes back (as in, gift requests will only appear in the Message Center and no longer on the Facebook requests page) or if it's just some minor performance tweaks.

If you're lucky, you'll spot this 'under construction' notice (see image above), which will allow you to hit the green Accept Requests button, and you'll be able to automatically accept all gifts, etc, at one time. We spotted this when we first loaded the game, but then came back later and it was mysteriously missing. Say, come to think of it -- we'd like to have an 'Accept All' button like this at our disposal at all times -- it's much easier than clicking each and every request when we log into the game. Stay tuned.