FarmVille Farmer's Market: Everything you need to know

farmville farmer's market

Tonight Channel Zero, FarmVille Community Manager, posted a thread about the much anticipated Farmer's Market on the Official Zynga Forums. This new feature seems to be in limited release, so only a few farmers currently have access. Channel Zero gave a detailed explanation of how the Farmer's Market will work for farmers that are Level 15 and above.

Here is a basic break down of how this new feature will work:

To create a Market Stall

  • When you harvest your crops as usual, you will be able to now find bushels, this is done the same way you currently find perfect bunches

Note: All permanent crops will create bushels, LE crops will not.

  • After finding your first bushel you will receive a pop-up asking you to place a small building on your farm, that looks much like the Fruit Stand currently available the FarmVille Market
  • farmville farmer's market
    FarmVille Crop Bushel Notice

  • Farmers will also be able to purchase Market Stalls for 50,00 coins for 20FV$- limit of 5 Stalls per Farm
  • Number of Stalls you may purchase for coins is dependent on how many neighbors you have
  • Each Market Stall can only sell one crop

Using your Market Stall or Stalls

  • When harvesting your crops you will find bushels, these will be automatically added to your Stall and you will be notified by a pop-up above your neighbor bar, much like when you find collectables
  • farmville farmer's market
    FarmVille Now Open: Sharing Strawberries

  • After you are done harvesting, you will receive a pop-up asking you to review a summary of bushels collected to check on your Stalls' progress
  • farmville farmer's market
    FarmVille Bushel Summary

  • You can share 3 bushels with neighbors via the Facebook homefeed by clicking share on the summary

There is a new Farmers Market pulldown menu, where you can access 3 things

1. My Stall- you can view what you are currently offering from your Stall

"The crop that your Stall is currently offering will be displayed in the My Stall section, along with the time left for your neighbors to collect from you. When your Market Stall first opens, your neighbors have 24 hours to collect bushels from you. This time is extended by 8 hours for each level of Mastery that you have for that Stall's crop. (ex. A Market Stall offering Strawberry Bushels from a farmer who has reached Level 2 Mastery will remain open for 40 hours"

farmville farmer's market
FarmVille My Market Stall

2. Get Bushels - you can view what bushels your neighbors are offering

"From here you can select any available bushels, and it will display a list of each neighbor that has the crop available, and how long their Stall is open for. Selecting a specific neighbor will take you to their Stall.You can take up to three bushels (listed as Bags Remaining in the Friend's Stall menu) from each one of your neighbors over a period of 24 Hours. Once you've taken three bushels from one neighbors, you can not collect any more from that neighbor until your timer for bags resets. You can only take three at a time (ie. If you do not use all three bags that you are given, the next day you'll only have three bags once again)"

farmville farmer's market
FarmVille Get Bushels
farmville farmer's market
FarmVille Friends Market Stall

3. My Bushels - you can view what you have collected here

"Once you've collected bushels, either from finding them on your own farm or taking them from your neighbors, they're all displayed in your inventory. You can hold up to 50 bushels in your inventory, and each bushel can be shared or used. Clicking the Share button on any bushel will allow you to offer up a number of bushels of your choosing to your friends, via feed."

farmville farmer's market
FarmVille My Bushels More
farmville farmer's market
FarmVille Sharing Bushels Notice

Using Bushels and Bonuses

  • You can use bushels for with +1 Mastery or +1 XP per plot, but only if you have access to the crop. If you have not mastered that crop you will receive +1 Mastery per plot if you have mastered it you will receive +1 XP per plot
  • farmville farmer's market
    FarmVille Strawberries Mastery Bonus

The +1 bonuses from using a bushel will occur when harvesting and only for 2 hours after 'using' the bushel.

  • If you DO NOT have access to plant this crop because you are not a high enough level, using a bushel will give you a two hour license to plant the crop
  • farmville farmer's market
    FarmVille Basil Seed License Notice

Note: There will be a timer for these rewards or bonuses in the lower right hand corner of your FarmVille game screen

farmville farmer's market
FarmVille Basil Boost Icon

Rewards of the Farmers Market:

  • When your neighbors access your Stall and use bushels, you will be notified the next time you login to your farm. You will have the option to choose from three (awesome!) rewards.
  • farmville farmer's market
    FarmVille Stall with Arrow

  • These rewards will be per person, but keep in mind, you can only receive one bonus per neighbor each day. So if your neighbor accesses you Stall twice and takes bushels, you will only receive one bonus from that person.

farmville farmer's market
FarmVille Collect Your Reward

Coins=400 per person

Fuel=15 Units per person (Unit=1 Notch on the Fuel gauge)

XP=10 per person

Source: Official FarmVille Forum

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