Discover the secrets of Atlantis in your FishVille aquarium

Zynga just loves to give us late night surprises and tonight the game of choice was FishVille, with the debut of a the next theme - Atlantis. For those of you who aren't philosophy buffs, Atlantis is a mythical island that has never been proven to actually exist, originally mentioned by Plato in 360 B.C. These Atlantis items are legendary Greek decorations that fit very nicely with the whole underwater aquarium thing. So far, there are only a few items released - but we know how Zynga operates. Soon the FishVille store will be filled to the brim with Atlantis items. The previous theme, Crystal Caverns has now come to an end, although you can still participate in the Gemstone Pouch collection through June 2nd. Read on for a list of the new Atlantis items!