Cafe World: Latest Decor has Players choosing between Heaven and Hell

Cafe World Good vs Evil
Cafe World Good vs Evil

Build a restaurant fit for heaven or hell with the new Good vs Evil decor in Cafe World. Of the 55 new items created for this theme release, 35 are premium goods that require Cafe Cash to buy. The premium prices of this set ranged from 1 Cafe Cash (for things like wall and floor tiles) to 18 Cafe Cash -- for the glittering blue "Weighty World" statue of the titan Atlas bearing the Earth on his shoulders.

The whole heaven and hell schema is used very liberally here. For example, heaven is associated with classical music, while hell has a lot of items associated with rock and metal bands. The rest seem to be a matter of color compatibility where whatever looks classy, white and gold is considered heavenly decor. And whatever's red, orange, and black is all-out hell.

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