Arlington, Va. Condo Complex Taking Years to Finish


Six years after the building permit was issued for the Bromptons at Cherrydale, a 22-unit, mixed-used development at 3800 Lee Highway in Arlington, Va., the unoccupied complex has reached a milestone. But neighbors aren't rolling out the welcome mat to newcomers quite yet.

In April, Arlington County announced that the "first phase" of corrective action on the complex is complete. This means the property which has been sitting half-built since 2006 -- when the county issued a stop-work order over concerns about its structural integrity -- now has a complete brick facade, new exterior windows, pavers and sidewalks.

Gone is the ripped Tyvek that flapped in the wind for years and the weathered-gray balcony platforms that appealed to few but the pigeons. That's a relief to the locals who have been worried about their property values.

But the complex still isn't ready for inhabitants.

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