5 sites to help you find lost money


For years, if I needed a little extra cash (the emphasis on little), I'd start digging under the sofa cushions, and if that didn't work out, I'd head to the laundry room (often, my wife takes the coins or dollar bills she finds in my pants and places them in a little pile on the dryer). And if I'm still in need, I'd take the aluminum soda cans we collect to a local recycling plant in exchange for money. The last time I did that, I took home $20 (we had a lot of cans). But what I should have considered was the Internet.

Since you can find almost anything else you want on the web, I shouldn't have been surprised to find out that there are a number of sites out there that exist solely to help people find missing money. So I decided to try some of these sites to see if I could find any of my own lost moola. Here are some of the sites I tried and the results they yielded.