10 DIY Kitchen Backsplash Improvements

UK-based sells A kitchen backsplash gets splattered with grease from the stove top and rarely gets the good scrub it so badly requires But some clever, kitschy ideas are turning this often neglected space into a show stopper. From wallpaper to old Starbucks cards to flea market finds, there's seemingly an infinite number of affordable and reusable materials that can be used to revamp your kitchen walls.

And the large variety of options, including tattoo stickers to enhance the appearance of your blah white tile, easily fall into the do-it-yourself category. So, now onto the most complicated part of the project ... figuring out what design suits you and your kitchen.MosaIc: Whether you have some old mix-matched china dishes laying around -- or you just found a couple of patterns at an estate sale, then you are well on your way to creating a mosaic backsplash. With some tile snips and mixing up a little grout, you can cut up the china, configure the pieces, and use the cement mixture to set the intricate design. Here's some instructions on how to create the ornate, shabby chic-inspired backsplash.

Mirror: Mirror tiles are a permanent way to modernize your back splash. This option takes a bit of work -- it requires a glass cutter to fit the tiles to the designated space, and construction adhesive to attach the squares. For a reversible, no-hassle alternative, try these self-adhesive mirror tiles.

Photos: Can't quite see enough of your loved ones? Then, buy some clear acrylic and cut into the squares or rectangles that fit your favorite photos. In a collage-style backdrop, arrange the photos with hook and loop tape, known as Velcro. Just be sure a good wipedown happens before mom visits and sees herself splattered with spaghetti sauce.

Tile Tattoos: To dress up boring tiles, UK-based lighting and home company Mibo sells "tile tattoos," an adhesive stencil pattern that can be applied to tiles sized at 15-by-15 centimeters.

Starbucks Cards: Save coffee shop gift cards embellished with graphics for the holidays, birthdays or other occasions, and arrange the otherwise worthless plastic cards into a montage. The result is a unique, Andy Warhol-esque kitchen backdrop that can be seen here. Consider using other objects as well, such as vintage postcards or buttons.

Vintage Tins: Old tin ceiling tiles, picked up from a flea market or second-hand shop, can be reused on your backsplash. With about $50 to $100 and two hours of time, you can even install your own -- here's how. If you're not feeling that motivated about your kitchen makeover, but love the antique look, try these peel-and-stick floral tin tiles in silver, gold or copper.

Wallpaper: A less time-intensive idea is to make use of scrap wallpaper. Though to protect the paper and to wipe the surface clean without damaging, you'll want to cover the paper with a sheet of clear acrylic material, such as Lucite or Plexiglass. With no specific print in mind, a no-fuss alternative is vinyl paper that's available through the Sunworthy line. These products are stain-resistant, scratchproof, and come in a variety of colors, prints and textures. Need something more to sate creative cravings? Think about cutting your wallpaper into shapes.

Chalkboard: For a solution that's crafty and useful, paint the area with chalkboard paint and then turn the wall into a handy spot to write your to-do list, grocery list or dinner recipe.

Paint a checkerboard design on your tiles or opt for these adhesive black-and-white faux marble tiles.

Brick: Envious of your friend's exposed brick walls? You don't need thousands of dollars and a brick foreman to do the job. The easier route is to order some faux brick and attach it to your back splash. Voila!

By installing a new backsplash, maybe you'll be more mindful of not soaking the stove top wall with grease or finally, find the time to run a sponge over your designer kitchen walls a little more frequently.

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