Rental Roommate Nightmares: Animal Trade, Assault Weapons and Non-Creepy Nudist

What is on the Rental Roommate Nightmare plate for today? What big red flags will wave in your face via a Craigslist roommate-wanted ad?

Well, sit back and prepare yourself. We've got rent trade that involves sex and possibly animals, a guy with assault weapons, and of course a non-creepy nudist.

Read on to find out about all this and more....
Austin: $450 I am a GWM...looking for a roommate
The man I would like to find as a roommate possibly has issues in his life but is MOVING ON. I do not want drama, the ex wife or boyfriend calling or coming by......NO WAY. I understand that men have issues at times. I have also in the past. Right now, I am settled, love to cook and keep up the home. I know, way to long but hope to get only one or two replies. This is what is known as a long shot.

Our Take: It's great that this potential roommate can open up and share the issues of his life with complete strangers through a Craigslist roommate wanted ad.

Chicago: $375 Room for rent - nudist preferred
Non-creepy nudist guy in his 20s looking for a non-creepy nudist guy in his 20s to rent the extra bedroom in my place.

I have a dog, so no pets (sorry).

This is not a sex ad and I'm not looking for a roommate "with benefits." I'm looking for another guy who shares my lifestyle.

Our Take: I see these ads all the time for nudist looking for other nudist roommates. It just goes to show if you are a nudist and find the perfect nudist roommate, be sure to hang on to them cuz it's hard enough to get along with a complete stranger let alone a nude complete stranger. Question: Do you have to get nude for the roommate interview?

Portland:$1 Free rent/trade
Email with your offers of trade. We are a young m/f couple with animals.

Our Take: Are animals involved in this offer of "trade"?

San Diego: $1 Cheap Room For Rent
So basically I have a one bedroom party house and I am looking for someone to move in with me until summer's over. You would get to share a Cal King size bed with me and maybe one other but the beds big enough to sleep 4-5 people comfortably. I got a sweet set up here and have turned my house into a party style house. I don't throw many parties just like the set up. I am 420 friendly. I got a beer pong set up and a hammock and dart bord a fire pit and all that. I don't have an oven but 2 really nice plus in burners and a really nice bath tub. This ad is for girls only being that you will be sleeping in the same bed as me. I think 2 dudes sleeping together would be a little weird lol. So I ask that you be single because I dont want no drama of a girl sharing her bed with a dude and the other catch is I love to cuddle and stuff when I sleep so yea. I am not going to expect ANYTHING more than that just cuddling. I am not some weirdo looking for sex lol. It just gets lonely some times here and its nice to hold someone next to you when you sleep. If your interested please reply with a few pics.

Our Take: Who doesn't like a party house? I wasn't sure if I wanted to share a bed with a complete stranger who likes to cuddle until I saw the picture of him with an assault weapon. Is the assault weapon in the bed when the cuddling scenario goes down?

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