FarmVille Wild Mustang Limited Access

farmville wild mustang
As we mentioned earlier today on FarmVille Freak, there is a new Wild Mustang in FarmVille!

Many of you were wondering why you did not receive pop-ups for the Wild Mustang feature. Currently, Wild Mustangs have limited access, meaning that only a small group of farmers have access to the Wild Mustang feature at the moment. In the future, everyone will be able to access and "wrangle" their very own Wild Mustang.

Just a reminder, whenever you do gain access to the Wild Mustang feature, it will require you to have two things:

  1. Have at least 5 FarmVille neighbors.
  2. Give permission to FarmVille to contact you via email.

For more details on the Wild Mustang, please read below. Details are provided by FarmVille Community Manager, Channel Zero via Official FarmVille Forum:
"NOTE: Currently the Wild Mustang pop-up is only available for a small number of farmers. Once it is expanded to all farmers, we'll update you via this guide.

Now you and your friends can wrangle a Wild Mustang for your farm! If you have at least 5 neighbors and have already given FarmVille permission to contact you via your email address, you'll receive the following message while tending to your farm.

Clicking 'Ask For Help' will bring up a selection of neighbors for you to enlist in wrangling the Wild Stallion. You must select a minimum of 5 neighbors and you can choose up to 15 neighbors to help.

NOTE: In order to participate in the Wild Mustang feature, both the player asking for help and their neighbors must have already allowed FarmVille access to their email addresses.

Once you are able to ask your neighbors for help, any neighbor who has not already given FarmVille permission to access their email will not appear in the list of neighbors to assist you.

Each neighbor you select will receive an email asking them to help you with your Wild Mustang. In order to tame the Mustang, you'll need a total five responses from your friends over a period of three days. Each player that responds to your email messages will count toward this total. Also each friends that responds can choose to receive a message each day that you still need help you to wrangle your Mustang.

Once you've started the process of wrangling your Wild Mustang, you can check your progress by hovering your mouse over the Wild Mustang icon in the upper-left corner of your screen.

When you receive enough responses, the next time you enter FarmVille you'll receive the following message... the Mustang will be waiting for you in your Gift Box. Once you place the Mustang on your Farm, you'll be able to post a feed offering a Foal to up 5 neighbors for 24 hours.

If you're unable to have five neighbors help you after three days, you'll have a chance to purchase the Wild Mustang for Farm Cash. The cost is equal to 20 Farm Cash, minus the number of friends that helped you (eg. If 4 friends help you over the course of three days, your cost for the Wild Mustang is 16 Farm Cash).

You can also purchase the Wild Mustang for 20 Farm Cash when you first spot it on your Farm by clicking the 'Buy Help' button."

(Source: Official FarmVille Forum)

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