FarmVille: Britney's FarmVille Cookies

farmville cookies
"Hi Farmville Freak =)

I am a mom of 4 by day, a cake and cookie decorator by night, and a FARMVILLE FREAK every other moment. In celebration of Farmville's 1st Birthday I hand made these "Farmville Sugar Cookies". Every bite you see is edible, including the Farmville Logo. I printed it with edible coloring on sugar paper. I decorated the cookies with fondant, which is a thick type icing I made out of marshmallows and powdered sugar. The cookies include a few of my favorite "signature" Farmville items like the blueberry mastery, the multi tool and cow print, and yeah, the new cornish mystery egg ! And guess what? What better way to celebrate a birthday than giving a gift. That's right ! I am giving them away to one of you fellow freaks......
farmville cookies
Oh yeah, and FarmVille Freak, just know you will have your set of cookies on your birthday too...."big eyes and all !"

FarmVille Freak Britney"
farmville cookies
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