Could Debtors Anonymous help you?

is Debtor's anonymous for you?
is Debtor's anonymous for you?

A lot of Americans struggle with debt, particularly credit card debt, these days, and we here at WalletPop hear regularly from people who are just completely overwhelmed by the magnitude of what they owe. It's perhaps no wonder, then, that there's a growing interest in a free, voluntary program called Debtors Anonymous that seeks to relieve debtors of the financial and emotional burdens that comes with carrying a heavy debt load.

"I don't feel afraid anymore," says Sally, a member of Debtors Anonymous. Sally agreed, as did other members, to be interviewed by WalletPop on the condition that her last name and location not be published.

"I don't have that kind of fear like something bad could happen," she adds. "I don't have emotional attachments about finances anymore." Sally says this was a hard-won break-though; she acknowledges she came from what she calls a "financially dysfunctional family" and would go on spending splurges and couldn't seem to manage her finances despite a high level of education and professional success. Sally says Debtors Anonymous provided the means she needed to control the money issues that had been controlling her.

According to the group's website,, you don't need to show up with anything other than a willingness to stop accruing new debt one day at a time. If you think you can manage that, Debtor's Anonymous might be a good fit for you.