Treasure Isle gives us a gift with new backpack

Treasure Isle Backpack
Treasure Isle Backpack

Along with a set of new Mayan Isles maps in tonight's release, Treasure Isle has also rolled out a new Backpack layout. The backpack is often a piece of frustration for Treasure Isle players, not only because of the limited amount of space but also because gems are mixed in with all other gift items. The new Backpack now organizes all of your gems at the top of your Backpack, and they no longer take up precious slots in your backpack. This means that your 250 different items no longer have to include all of the gems you have been collecting. This is a huge improvement.

The only downside to this new Backpack is that it is larger, and the top of it covers up your energy bar. If you're eating fruit to gain energy, you have to keep opening and closing the Backpack to keep an eye on your energy bar. This is only a slight user experience disadvantage, but the good outweighs the bad with this layout.

What do you think of the new Treasure Isle backpack? Is this a good change or a bad change in your opinion?