Top 10 ways to spend big bucks in one to two hours

Suborbital flight with Virgin Galactic
Suborbital flight with Virgin Galactic

Surprise: You've just inherited a fortune. Now it's your job to spend that dough as fast as possible. Well, to help you prepare for the life of a tycoon we thought it would be a good exercise to see how you could most efficiently blow a large chunk of money every hour or two. Here are ten suggestions; surely you have some of your own to add in the comments section that follows.

1. Bon Jovi Diamond package concert ticket: $1,875
One way to tell that you're a tycoon -- you don't have anyone blocking your view at a Bon Jovi concert, because you're sitting in the front row in your own collectible Bon Jovi Concert Chair, sipping your VIP cocktail from the open bar. You can carry your souvenir ticket, your Bon Jovi Gift Shop $150 gift card, and your autographed program in your Bon Jovi leather messenger bag. Add in catering, express check-in, VIP parking and a personal host and the Diamond Package price tag of $1,875 seems like a steal. But only if you really, really, really like Bon Jovi.

2. Brunch -- Champagne, caviar and melon, for two: $150,877 apiece

What better way to follow up a night of sybaritic Jovi-delights than a brunch of champagne, caviar and fresh melon. Especially when the champagne is a 1907 Heidsieck that spent 80 years on the bottom of the sea off the coast of Finland. The bubbly, preserved to perfection, is now available at the Ritz-Carlton in Moscow for only $275,000 a bottle.

Pair this with Iranian Almas caviar, from the Beluga sturgeon. The primo stuff sells for $10,454 a pound, and comes in an attractive real-gold tin.

Top off the feast with a slice of perfectly ripe melon, perhaps one from Yubari, Japan, where the winning auction bid for one of the succulent, perfectly formed melons recently reached $16,300. I make that around $2,000 a slice.