Tiki Resort: Send the sexy, new Memorial Day Charm as a free giftable

Tiki Resort Memorial Day Charm
Tiki Resort Memorial Day Charm

Donning a red, white, and blue miniskirt dress, an ample bust, posed to salute and curved in all the right places, the design of Tiki Resort's newest Memorial Day Charm is quite the looker, even though she's very wooden and her eyes are oddly spaced.

In fact, she looks more like a display item than something to be tossed into a volcano, and if I had my way, I'd turn her into decor to upgrade her lifespan. But as players know, tossing things into volcanoes is the only way to activate a charm's powers. The effect of this charm is to set off a fireworks display on your island, and plant you a new Playdom flag.

To get a Memorial Day Charm, get your neighbors to send you a free one using the gifts page. Another option is to buy it from the game shop for 9 Facebook Credits (roughly under $1 USD).