Tiki Resort revises shipments to deliver more charms

Tiki Resort charms
Tiki Resort debuted their new air shipment feature at the end of April, which provides players with another way to gain charms as long as they are willing to wait. Today, these charm shipments were revised to provide a better value for the buyers, offering even more charms. Previously, a two hour delivery would grant 3 Pineapple Charms, and now it will grant 10. A 12-hour delivery would previously only grant 5 Pineapple Charms, and now will grant 25 Pineapple Charms. The 24 hour delivery has been increased from 10 to 45 charms. And finally, a new 16-hour delivery has been added that will provide 35 Pineapple Charms for 16,000 coins.

This is in response to many complaints from players that there was not enough value provided in these new air shipments. We're sure that the sales were also low, as most players realized that it wasn't worth the money or the diligence for such a small reward. We're thankful for game developers like Playdom who listen to the players complaints and continue making great changes to Tiki Resort.
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