Student sued by towing company nearly wrecks the company via social media


While Justin Kurtz, 21, (pictured) was asleep at his apartment, his car was towed. The next day, he found it with the T&J Towing Company.

At the towing lot, he carefully inspected his car. It's a machine Kurtz knows well -- when he's not training to be a pilot at Western Michigan University, he spends some time working on that car. He noticed a few things were funny: His alarm had been reset and his adhesive parking pass was mostly scraped off the inside of his windshield.

Kurtz said he knew his car had been broken into and the pass ripped off in order for it to be legally towed. He filed a police report and nothing came of it. He said he knew the company wouldn't help him. Taking matters into his own hands, the college junior started a Facebook group called "Kalamazoo Residents Against T&J Towing Company."

"I was basically seeing if it happened to anyone else," Kurtz said.

And that's why Kurtz was served his summons for libel on April 9 for $750,000 by the T&J Towing Company.

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