Spotted: Free HTC Droid Eris for playing Meteor Games

free Droid eris
free Droid eris

Tonight while stopping in to Island Paradise for our regular round of plowing, harvesting, and planting, we spotted this promotion. Currently, if you reach level 10 in either Island Paradise or Little Rock Pool, you can get a free Droid Eris HTC phone. It does require a new 2-year Verizon Wireless plan, however this phone normally retails for around $199 without a contact. Unfortunately, clicking on this banner ad does absolutely nothing, but that could have been because we are only level 8 currently. There was no more information to be found about this promotion, so we think it will a sneaky addition to the game that was added recently.

The Droid Eris is an HTC manufactured smartphone that runs on the Verizon network with the Android mobile operating system. You can find more information about this phone on HTC's website.

Are you level 10? Have you earned a free Droid Eris yet?

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