Fresh Express recall: salmonella in store-bought romaine lettuce salads

Romaine lettuce recall
Romaine lettuce recall

Romaine lettuce is not having a good month. Last week, an e. coli outbreak that sickened more than 30 people was blamed on romaine lettuce shipped to such places as restaurants and cafeterias. Now, Fresh Express, a brand that is widely sold in grocery stores across the country, is recalling a variety of its packaged lettuce products over salmonella concerns.

The bad news for consumers is the announcement is less a warning and more of an after-the-fact notification since the expiration dates were between May 13 and May 16. Among the varieties being recalled by Chiquita International-owned Fresh Express are: 5-Lettuce Mix, American, Asian Supreme, Caesar, Double Carrots, Fancy Greens, Green & Crisp and several with the name "Romaine" in it. A full list, including UPC codes is available on the the Food & Drug Administration's recall site.

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