PetVille teases with Magic Door to Tahiki

Tahiki Magic Door PetVille
Tahiki Magic Door PetVille

Nothing gets us more excited than secrets, and PetVille has a good one up its sleeve. They have been teasing about a new Magic Door on a PetVille loading screen, and now we've been given that extra little bit of information to make us even more impatient. The new Magic Door will be a gateway to Tahiki, but players will not just simply get access to it. To gain access to Tahiki through the Magic Door, you will have to collect 10 keys as gifts from your friends. From the picture, it looks as if the keys will be in different colors.

What's behind the door? Your guess is as good as mine. There are a few choices, one being that it's simply a way to gain access to the new store of Tahiki items. It could also be a whole new room for your pet - a beach area. We're more confident that it's the former, but time will tell.

What do you think is behind the Tahiki Magic Door in PetVille?