New FarmVille Co-Op job: Rescue baby bunnies by growing delicious carrots

new farmville coop job baby bunny rescue

Just when we were getting tired of planting endless rows of tulips and stir-fry fixing, FarmVille releases (finally!) a brand new Co-Op job called Baby Bunny Rescue for farmers level 22 and up. To rescue these adorable little furballs, you and your farming buddies need to plant and harvest 1,350 carrots in 2 days and 10 hours.

Like the other Co-Op jobs, the faster you get it done, the bigger the reward. Below is a list of the time limits required to earn a gold, silver or bronze medal (and the reward for each).

Gold Medal -- 23 hours, 2 minutes
Reward: 495 coins, 590 XP, plus an additional rare item -- a gray bunny

Silver Medal - 1 day, 11 hours
Reward: 440 coins, 515 XP

Bronze Medal - 2 days, 10 hours
Reward: 364 coins, 430 XP

baby bunnny rescue in farmville
To do some quickie math -- the maximum number of plots a farm can have is 576 (provided your farm is 24x24) and carrots take 12 hours to grow -- so there's no way that one person will be able to get the gold medal alone. You'll need at least two other people to help you with this Co-Op job to get the big payout.

farmville carrots
However, if you don't think you can wrangle enough friends to get the medal you want -- a new feature allows you to buy additional time -- 15 Farm Cash for 11 additional hours -- for your jobs.

farmville out of time buy more
farmville out of time buy more

We think this new time extension option -- which is available for all Co-Op jobs by the way -- goes against the whole purpose of a Co-Op job, but then again, it will can also come in handy if you're trying to gold medal, and something else -- like real life -- gets in the way.
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