It's a gold rush in Treasure Isle: New maps are released

Treasure Isle Mayan Gold Rush
Treasure Isle Mayan Gold Rush

Hey Treasure Isle players - the moment you have been waiting for has come. Zynga released the fifth Mayan Isle map, and it's named "Gold Rush". We predicted last time there was a map release that perhaps we'd see a new theme since the Tiki Isles only had four sets of maps. Even though we were wrong, we're happy to see another set of new digging possibilities to unlock more treasure. Here are the new islands:

Two Springs
Monkey's Fingers
Elder's Court
The Old Aquaduct
Crooked Trail
Lonely Guards
Forested Inland

Players on the Official Treasure Isle Forums are reporting that these maps appear to have little or no treasure. While some players are angry at Zynga, suggesting that this is an intentional way to have them collect map fragments to complete maps more than once, other players are reporting this as a bug. Considering some of these new isles literally say that there are 0 treasures available before they're even started, we tend to agree that this is a bug that will be fixed up.

Are you finding a decent amount of treasure on these new maps? Tell us in the comments.