Hotel City brings in boxed storage and outside street decor

Hotel City Ground Decorations
Players who have lost Hotel City items while redecorating their hotels need not fear -- sometimes, when an item isn't placed properly, it'll automatically go into the Storage tab, which is accessible at the very top of the icons "Redecorate" (it looks like a little red sofa with a painter's palette next to it) and "Build" (symbolized by a hammer).

Another new feature is the ability to place special items outside the hotel. Opening up the rest of the game window for item placement drastically multiples the decorative possibilities. But before we get to strew rainbows across the sky or select full screen city backdrops, the developers are keeping our feet on the ground with their new "Ground Decorations".

You can find it on the bottom tab of the "Build" section. Right now, the choices are mundane and limited, with three of the five available items requiring premium Playfish Cash to purchase.

Both the VIP entrance and Lamppost shrubbery costs 3 PFC, and Outdoor garden fountain costs 5 PFC. Lastly, is the Birch Tree costing 12,000 Coins, and Barbed Wire going for 22,000 Coins.
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