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Maybe you don't have TiVo or you spend most of you time not glued to the TV watching all the many home improvement shows. A friend of mine described this genre of television as "House Porn" since viewers can oogle all the home-improvements they fantasize about for their own homes.

This week we bring you updates on recent episodes of "Extreme Makeover," "Designed to Sell," "Holmes on Homes," "Divine Design" and more.

Here's the "house porn" you missed....

Divine Design" (HGTV Saturdays 8/7c)
For the past 15 years, a family has been living in their 1923-built house. The mom has meticulously decorated their home. All is good except for the small, dated bathroom. (No one wants a 1923-style bathroom.) Conflict between mom and daughter: They differ on whether its retro and cool or just an eyesore. That's where Divine Design host Candice jumps in. She's on the case to create a fresh and functional bathroom that the whole family will love.

"Extreme Makeover Home Edition" (ABC Sundays (8/7c)
Remember "The X-Files" with Scully, Mulder, and all that? Well, actor David Duchovny joins the "Extreme Makeover" crew in order to rebuild a home for a leukemia survivor and her family. It's no conspiracy theory that Agent Mulder is helping to do something good.

"Holmes on Homes"(HGTV Sundays 9/8c)
A woman and her elderly mom go through the task of upgrading their vinyl kitchen floor to ceramic tile. But some time after the work is finished, they notice dreaded hairline cracks running through the center of the tile. Problem. The flooring contractor claims he's not to blame -- the cracks were caused by the weak structure of the home which shifted and caused the floor to crack. The "Holmes on Homes" team comes out to investigate.

"Designed to Sell"(HGTV Weeknights 6/5c)
A couple wants to sell their Santa Monica condo which has a funky layout. Will buyers appreciate the couple's vision or do major changes need to be made to give a contemporary feel to an urban townhouse? That's where the "Designed to Sell" team steps in to work their magic.

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